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GTROC Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy sets out how we will process the information that personally identifies any individual (‘Personal Data’) that we collect & receive from about Club Members, users of our website or social media sites in the course of the Club’s activities.

In simple terms, our privacy pledges to you are:

We will only collect, keep, use & share Personal Data for legitimate business reasons that we explain in this document, or if we’re legally required to do so.

We will be as clear & open as possible on what Personal Data we collect & how it will be processed.


We will keep all Personal Data up to date as far as we are aware & reflect your preferences. We will also keep all data safely & securely with appropriate measures to prevent abuse.


Personal Data entered directly from you through business processes such as your name, phone number, postal address, email address - the legal basis for the collection & processing of this data is the provision of goods including tickets purchased or provided, membership packs, information about the club & events.

Personal Data collected automatically from the use by you of the website.

The data transmitted from your browser such as your IP address, the date & time of the visit the pages accessed, the access status/HTTP status code, your browser, your operating system & interface, as well as the language & version of the browser software.


The legal basis for collecting & processing this personal data is to be able to operate the website & provide you with access to the pages you wish to access. Personal Data exchanged indirectly with our authorised suppliers which enables us to send goods, create, store, record communications & payments history. For example our partner Embroider for branded clothing. The legal basis for collecting & processing this personal data is fulfilling orders & providing services to our members and registered users.


We use your Personal Data to contact members with order confirmations, essential club communications, occasional event notifications - all of which we need to do in order to manage purchases & deliveries or organise events. For example to facilitate the process of annual elections of board officers or simply to send tickets out for an event.

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